“Jurassic Mutha” by Mass Driver

Shaolin Funk!

Super-Action-Rock band Mass Driver released their first single off of their upcoming album, “Jurassic Mutha” with a sweet and insane new animated music video.

If you haven’t already heard, Mass Driver is a rock band in Knoxville, TN, that specializes in rad guitar riffs, catchy lyrics, and knows how to have a good time.

Gearing up for their newest album, the band has lots in store in the coming months with new and exciting content. “Jurassic Mutha” is the first single off the new record, and it features a blend of ambitious heavy guitar and bass lines, loud drum fills with a touch of cowbell, and of course unforgettable lyrics.

If this doesn’t make you want to do high jump kicks, then we don’t know what will. The video mashes up a bizarre string of visuals to accompany the lyrics, and it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect to see after listening to it.

Here is their brand new video for “Jurassic Mutha“, which is available on streaming platforms.

If you want to see some behind the scenes views of the making of this song, we have you covered too:

Be sure to follow Mass Driver on social media to stay up to date with the musicians.




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