“Real Ones” by Mid-City Degenerates

Blending music with an honest look of struggle in Los Angeles, CA. Directed by 213 Zada

One of the most inspiring things we look for in creators is the way they can blend their passions with stories of triumph and pain. For 213 Zada, his submitted music video for the song, “Real Ones” does just that.

Mid-City Degenerates

The Directorial debut of Zada himself, “Real Ones” delivers an introspective look at the rough road convicted felons face once they’re released from prison.

The video itself is beautifully shot with great cinematography, giving you a sense of the realness in LA that many released felons probably deal with.

A direct statement from the artist himself:

I grew up in South Central and have been rapping since I was 12 years old. I have tried to make my music for the streets, clubs, and females but was done catering to the bullshit.
 So, now I am on a mission to discover the profound nature and shortcomings of people thru Hip-Hop. I have fallen victim to all of the powerful issues in my community from drugs, alcohol, self hatred, lack of resource and countless others.
So, from a place of recognition I speak to anyone that will listen. My message is to give understanding, point blank period!!
So without further adieu, we present “Real Ones” by 213 Zada, off of the album: I Love My Momma

“Real Ones”

Follow 213 Zada on social media:

Instagram – @213zada 
Twitter – @213Zada
YouTube – Mid City Degenerates
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