Strange Films: CENTER CITY Commentary

Sit down with father and son filmmaking duo as they discuss the full insights of their hit short film CENTER CITY, from conception to the future of the franchise. Featuring behind the scenes photos and video of the movie! 

August and Frank Aguilar have been busy producing multiple shorts, with now an even more focus on their film CENTER CITY. Back in October, right before the shooting of BUTCH, the filmmakers sat down to discuss their views on the film and how it came to be.

Now with a spin-off for DRIVER and THE WOMAN in the works, there’s no telling of where this wild tale will go and the fun and magical way it all comes together.

Full of insights, special behind the scenes photos and videos, raw footage, and teasers of the future and the newest spin off, BUTCH, this is a great listen and watch to get to know the filmmakers and the film itself.

Please subscribe to Strange Films on YouTube for all future film releases, commentary, and special projects. You can also find director August Aguilar‘s channel as well with even more films, music videos, and more.

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