SGL Entertainment: The Stall

Written, Produced, and Directed by Jennifer M. Kay. 

In the never ending world of filmmaking, independent seems to be where most of the excitement lies these days. Independent film is such a powerful piece of art because there are no boundaries, there are no expectations, and there is nothing stopping you from doing it. We thrive off independent filmmaking because we are doing it ourselves as well, but it is such a pleasant surprise when another creator steps forward to show their craft.

Director Jennifer M. Kay has sent over her full feature film, tHe StaLL. A psychological thriller that gives viewers a sense of emotion and fear throughout the movie provided by great casting, lighting, and story. The official synopsis below:

Can you stall the inevitable? Jezebel has been living a normal life with Rachel; her best friend, roommate and cousin. A horrible tragedy strikes and changes her life forever. Surrounded by a string of murders, Jezebel struggles with the death of her cousin and the haunting memories in her daily life. This feature film shows Jezebel working through therapy sessions trying to learn how to deal with her depression. In her grief Jezebel makes unwise decisions that may lead her to the same fate as Rachel. Can she stall her own demise?

One thing I really enjoyed about tHe StaLL is that it doesn’t give you what you’re looking for right away. There are a few different things going on in the beginning and middle of the movie, and though part of the fun is seeing in real time what unfolds with these characters, the other part is wondering how it all fits together and why it’s happening. Jennifer has proved she put a lot of thought into the writing process of this film from beginning to end, providing a twist near it’s climax that I was not expecting.

A notable mention is the cast, with Jennifer playing the lead role herself which is an insanely difficult job to also be the sole leader of the project as well. But the rest of the cast do a great job of bringing to life their characters including Loren W. Lepre, (who also recently submitted The Dark Military), that has a great and fun role that everyone will surely love to hate.  Particularly though Tom Schmitt was a great addition to the film, providing not only a strong male lead but also one who has some deep psychological issues that really portrays well.


Throughout the film I felt that there was a strong presence of mystery behind the whole plot. I couldn’t quite figure it out until a great twist near the end, but I’ll say the slow and steady approach really works well with the style of directing. Paired with great lighting, music, and editing, I overall had a great time watching the film and would be eager to see more.

Currently, the film is distributed worldwide through VOD with an upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD release on March 27th. For now, we recommend checking out the film through Amazon here:


We’re excited to see where Jennifer‘s film career takes her, we know she is quite busy with a few upcoming projects so let’s all do our part and help support the art and dream.



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