SVET Studios: Dinnerverse

Written, Produced, and Directed by Aleksandra Svetlichnaya

It’s not just Hollywood who likes to create shared universes, anthologies, and cinematic series that intertwine with each other. It’s been happening ever since Universal Monsters were created when Frankenstein met the Wolf Man.

Independent filmmakers actively seek to break the boundaries of traditional customs. They don’t strictly rely on technical impressive maneuvers, instead they push the envelope that makes them so much different through their stories. Meet  Aleksandra Svetlichnaya, who has created her own short film anthology series called, Dinnerverse.


Shot exclusively in Philadelphia, currently Aleksandra has made two shorts: Dinner and Breakfast. Both she has the full on role of Writer, Producer, Director, and lead actress within the films. But not only she has a main role in the process, you can enjoy the presence of her two friends Joshua Kachnycz and Ricardo Segarra who both obviously work well together in each film through physical and verbal communication. You can tell there was much time, thought, and effort, especially with the long list of crew members on board to make sure every aspect was handled respectfully.

Ricardo (left) and Joshua (right)

One thing that particularly stands out in these films, are the action sequences contained within them. In Dinner, the three are involved in a fast-paced action sequence fighting a Zombie. Breakfast involves Aleksandra’s character being rewritten over and over again as a character who continuously is being thrown in fight scenes with other antagonists. These scenes are very well choreographed, but are also sure to break up the tension with light-hearted dialogue and laughs in between as well.

The creative control over the films are fantastic. It’s nice to see imaginative stories brought to life, and some in the most unexpected and animated ways you can think of. Dinner has a nice twist of horror that especially makes it unique to the average movie goer.

Overall, the beautiful thing about these series of films are that Aleksandra and her team are passionate about these projects. You can tell their efforts are there, providing not only high quality produced shorts, but stories that could go anywhere they want because they control their worlds. It’s refreshing to see bold moves being made, all while blending a variety of genres together. In fact, Breakfast even screened at last year’s San Diego Comic Con International as well as getting lots of press from man Philadelphia film and media outlets.


Their success thus far has inspired the filmmaker to pursue the series even further, so we are excited to see where it may take us next time. For now, be sure to watch Dinner and Breakfast, and show your support by following their social media so you can be up to date on future endeavors.

Watch Breakfast here:

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