Metal Core Nostalgia: Anthems

Hailing from Prague, Czech Republic, Anthems unleashes their album, Conscousness.

Written by Nick L. 

On Conscousness, their debut full-length release, Prague’s Anthems hark back to the early, more chaotic days of the metal core genre and become one of many to bring that influential sound to a newer generation.

Anthems - Conscousness

The eleven-song effort features nothing that hasn’t been done before, yet everything feels genuine and passionate. Tracks like the anguished “Hunting for Emotions” storm out of the gate with a menagerie of off-kilter riffs and stuttering rhythms. The guitars gallop frantically and produce jagged, hyperactive riffs that spiral around the listener and discombobulate them before ripping them to shreds.

Storms” and “Visions” take a slightly different approach by churning out controlled, lurching, dissonant riffs that repeat in odd meters ensuring the listener is kept on their toes and properly beaten. Metal core grooves collide with dizzying breakdowns on “Empty Thoughts” and “Twisted Mind,” while a whirlwind of math core insanity is unleashed on “Cycles”.


All-in-all, Consciousness is a solid and heavy-hitting album, and one that will sound fresh and nostalgic at the same time.

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