New EP: Before The Crows

From the hills of Tennessee, folk rock makes a welcoming return for native band Before The Crows

These days it is easy to get caught up in the mainstream line of music, or get lost into something so unfamiliar you find it fascinating. But along the same spectrum, there are small gaps of music we have always listened to in our lives but tend to get over crowded by the other waves of euphoric melodies. However, it is safe to note that these small gaps are worth coming back to, especially when they are refreshed with a new perspective. Welcome Before The Crows, a Folk Rock band from Tennessee, and who are proud of it.


Just releasing their self-titled EP, Before The Crows are spending time to share their music after spending a good part of 2017 at the Big Ears Studio in Nashville recording. Booking gigs are another angle they are approaching, but for now the pure enjoyment of music helps carry their passion a long way.

The five track EP contains the just right amount of story, culture, and flavor to the mix for anyone who is familiar with folk rock music. Those who are not familiar may take a minute to adjust, but being a Tennessee Native will definitely go a long way with feelings of nostalgia and relate-able themes. “Bird Song” starts very strong, bringing a great mix of instruments and resonating vocals to the track. While fans of Bill Withers will enjoy an original cover version of “Ain’t No Sunshine“, truly allowing yourself to take in a unique version of the beloved classic. Personally, the favorite of ours is “Bury Me (In Tennessee)” as it sets the stage for the sorrowful tale, but really assuring the love for Tennessee, friends, and family.

We look forward to seeing and hearing more about Before The Crows, hopefully soon to be touring and branching out their music to a wider area. Fans of southern rock, folk music, and Tennessee in general will surely be on board with this band. You can find their full EP on YouTube now.

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