Meet Silence In The Stars

Releasing their self-titled EP, Silence In The Stars reminds us what it’s like to reminisce that grunge alternative rock sound we’ve all been looking for. 

Growing up in a wake of music that introduced bands such as Three Days GraceBreaking BenjaminShinedown, and more, it was always filled with a longing of teenage angst, ambition, emotions, and even a bit of rebellion. It was great to listen to in any kind of mood you were in, and more importantly there were many like you that connected with the music just as much. These days, mainstream music has taken over and unfortunately it is hard to fill the void of what we’ve all been longing for: Great Rock Music.

Meet Silence In The Stars, a band hailing from Wise, Virginia, but is bringing back the hard rock and alternative sound that was lost years ago. Coming back into the scene against the odds of pop music may be a challenge, but one they are willing to accept. The five piece band has successfully released their self-titled EP and has been performing almost on a weekly basis all around their region.


The seven track EP brings all the perfect elements of great original music together. It is easy to tell that Ryan Osborne, the lead vocalist, takes pride into his song writing; blending story and emotion behind the driven lyrics. His fellow band members do a great job accompanying the singer’s style by flowing steadily right behind him.

Inside My Head” is the EP’s first track, and while it brings solid guitars and a heavy chorus, it also leaves a melodic and trance like feeling throughout the song of a longing for something more.  The variety of the EP is very fun, giving songs like “Eyes So Blue”  that is a heart felt anthem to a loved one, and others like “Broken Sunday” which is a tale that could relate to a dysfunctional family. Personally, one of our absolute favorites though is “Never Meant To Last“, which is an acoustic version and paints a vivid and emotional picture of a failed love.


Between Osborne’s enthusiastic vocals and the band’s original sound, we have really high hopes for Silence In The Stars as they begin their music career. Currently the band is focusing on shows, but will be going into production for their first official music video for “Inside My Head“. Later in the fall, they plan to head back into the recording studio to lay down even more tracks. Check back here for a future interview and of course when their newest music video drops.

To follow and support the band check out their SoundCloud, which you can stream their full EP for FREE, and Facebook page below. Be sure to stream their full album on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and all other major streaming services!


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