Strange Films: Cindy’s Birthday Party

Be sure to RSVP to the party, Mother is waiting. 

Strange Films officially released their latest short film, Cindy’s Birthday Party this weekend as it premiered in both Detroit at the Halfway2Halloween Spooktacular 3 and the Burrito Bash in Knoxville, TN. It has also been featured on Fun Size Horror website!


Cindy and her Mother plan to have the best birthday party ever. When Jonas is the first to arrive, he starts to worry when he sees no other children or decorations, and that the party is downstairs in the basement.

Please enjoy the latest addition to the Strange Films universe, and be sure to stay until after the credits! Subscribe to Strange Films YouTube channel for even more content!

Directed by: August Aguilar
Written by: August and Frank Aguilar
Produced by: Frank Aguilar and Dan Busch

Maddie Giorgio as Cindy
Dylan Busch as Jonas
Merri Field Giorgio as The Mother
Dan Busch as The Chauffeur
Jett Green as Birthday Guest

SFX Make Up: Ryan Smith

Original Music by Jason Race

Official Poster designed by Tim Spavero

Review from Nevermore Horror: 

Short Film Of The Week on Daily Grindhouse:


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