Meet Mass Driver

Prepare for the wave of Super Action Rock!

Blasting out of Knoxville, Tennessee, Mass Driver is all about fuzzed out riff-laden stunt guitar rock with chest crushing drums and groin shaking bass. It’s pedal to the metal rock and roll!


Austin (drums), Sean (guitar), and Rodney (bass), all form the Super Action Rock group and have been sweeping the town and other regional cities with their stoner rock heavy hits, all while having a good time and trying to stay active in the local music scene. Whether it’s a benefit show for animals or a skatepark with a fire hexagon ring (no, seriously), or simply a straight up rock show, Mass Driver has taken a storm by amping up their sound and structure to their songs and connecting with others. There’s no doubt about it, when you see these guys live, you are rocking the f**k out!

In the past year the band has recorded with Ridgetone Recording Studio ran by longtime musician Brack Owens in hopes for a new album release since their last self-titled EP. Songs like “Jurassic Mutha“, “Boss Fight“, and “Den of Bots“, are all not only eye-catching song titles, but hardcore rock anthems that brings the power to the punch. You can’t get much cooler than a lyric like “Boom! Kerplunk!” right??

If you haven’t noticed between the descriptions, sound of their style, and lyrics, these guys really just want to have a good time and make great music. Heavily inspired by Rock n’ Roll, action movies, and other nostalgic fun grooves, you may never know what you’re gonna get, but you will certainly enjoy it.

A day one friendship between Mass Driver and El Burrito Blog has formed over the past two years covering all of their greatest hits with photos, videos, events, and more. We are incredibly proud of these guys and all of the progress they have made not only in the local music scene, but online and reaching out to further places.

So if you’re looking to find something new, and especially live in the Knoxville area, find your local Mass Driver boys and attend the next show. You’ll get blown away by heavy hits and wake up with a Rock N’ Roll hangover. We’ll be there, and you’ll end up discovering your new favorite band to support. Until then, you can help the band grow by checking them out on all the social media links below as well as their Spotify!

YouTube Channel

El Burrito Blog

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