Artist Alley: Joe Brown

Collages built from recycled materials and a lot of thought. 

Whether it’s for just for fun or for passion, art is a beautiful way to communicate messages and themes in your own personalized way. For this Artist Alley special, we take a look at one artist who has plenty to say through pictures.

unnamed (3)

A self taught artist living in South Philadelphia, Joe Brown creates elaborate collages with creative and abstract themes made from hundreds of pieces using primarily comic books and medical text books; however a variety of sources are used from old magazines, Playboys, and even encyclopedias.

These collages may deem both entertaining and directed ways that reflects our modern society or perhaps to fill a nostalgic void; either way, these collages really speak a powerful amount of words and thought provoking moments within all the images displayed.

The affect is always a colorful mosaic from a far and a weird, highly detailed collage up close. Each component is hand cut and glued on wood.

Check Out The Gallery Below

unnamed (2)unnamedunnamed (1)

Find something interesting you want to point out? Let us know in the comments below, or better yet, check out more work by Joe Brown on his website

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