Chris Oliver Imaginations

Let’s get animated.


Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Christopher Oliver is a 2D animator, writer, and illustrator.

Studying animation at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MichiganOliver received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Since the age of 12, Oliver states:

“I’ve explored my crazy imaginations in marble composition books. From there, I would continue to write entertaining short stories that made my mother and friends laugh. Storytelling is a passion that brings me joy. I love sharing it with others.”

Recently, Oliver has showcased one of his latest animation projects called Encounter, at festivals such as the Freedom Shorts and Liberty Massacre Festival in Philly, the Burrito Bash in Knoxville, TN, and the Rough Cuts Film Festival  in Philadelphia once more.

Below you can find his short film, along with his website with his other work:

You can support Oliver by checking out his new book series, Ladies Love Mewhich is now available on Amazon. 

If you are interested in contacting Christopher Oliver for any animation inquiries or even questions about his work, below is his contact email!



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