Unwrapped Sessions: The Knox By Night Band

Things might get awkward. The comedy duo from Knoxville, Tennessee, debuts in our first original series: Unwrapped Sessions

Unwrapped Sessions is El Burrito Blog’s take on the “live acoustic session” videos that we have always been fan of over the years. We will take bands, singer/songwriters, and other musicians and record a stripped down version of their music in front of a live audience.

Our first band we have to debut the series is a Knoxville based duo, The Knox By Night Band, who leads their style with original and parody comedy songs. The band frequently plays around the Knoxville region and has created a lot of original material to provide not only musical entertainment, but an entire comedy set as well. The two members, Chris Rogers and Buford Watson, make it known that they are here to have a good time and hopefully get a few laughs out of you.

Awkward laughs are always the best, if you’re a fan of crude humor or simply not taking yourself seriously, you will get a great kick out of the songs performed.

The first episode is available now, so watch below!

If you are a band or musician who would possibly want to have a Session video done for you, please get in touch with us and see how we can work together!

El Burrito Blog

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