Shredders of Metal

America’s Got Metal!

Written by Mark Glotzbach, Follow his blog @markglotzbach 

BangerTv is releasing a 6-part competition series as part of the channel’s “Shredder Week”, putting 7 guitarists’shredding chops to the test. The series is titled “SHREDDERS OF METAL.

Finally a music competition that doesn’t suck.

BANGER TV’S Blayne Smith is the host of the show which also features a panel of three judges; Sam Dunn (Co-founder of BANGER Films), Daniel Dekay of the band Diemonds and Testament’s Alex Skolnick.

Each episode will present a new challenge to the shredders. Episode one’s opening challenge is Shredder’s Choice where each guitarist is given only 60 seconds to show off their best techniques. Episode two, which dropped today (Tuesday), is all about speed, testing the shredders’ ability to play on tempo with accuracy.

Like all competitions, Shredders of Metal ends it’s episodes by eliminating the shredder who gave the weakest performance, the eliminated contestant has a piece of paper with their name on it put through a paper shredder (gotta love the pun).

If you’re a metal head you’re gonna wanna check out this series, and don’t forget to subscribe to BANGERTV on YouTube to keep up to date on the show and other metal news.

Here is the series premiere of SHREDDERS OF METAL

And here is episode two:


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