Loren W. Lepre Presents: The Dark Military

Average Superstar Films presents The Dark Military, Written and Directed by Loren W. Lepre

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Classic Horror meets Action, The Dark Military is here and we should be afraid!

Making a film is hard, we know because we are independent filmmakers ourselves.

It requires lots of planning, patience, resources, perseverance, and ultimately, a vision.

So without question, one who is able to fully produce and develop a film of any medium, is a success because they did it. From concept, to paper, to screen, Loren W. Lepre manages to bring his vision to life with his upcoming horror-action/thriller feature film: The Dark Military.

Loren is a native of Carbondale P.A., who moved to Philadelphia in 1999 where he was a pro wrestler turned MMA fighter.

In 2010, he studied at Walnut Street Theater and started acting and since been in over 80 projects. He produced and directed the documentary Pennsylvania Hardcore, which covers the history of the ALL the hardcore bands over the last 30 years from Pennsylvania.

Writer/Producer/Directer Loren W. Lepre, Owner of Average Superstar Films

Loren is also the owner of Average Superstar Films and is known for running 2 of the biggest and most active short film fest’s in Philadelphia : Freedom Shorts and Liberty Massacre, which our partner site STRANGE FILMS short film, “CENTER CITY” was also featured in November 2017. 

Given the background, experience, and passion for entertainment, it’s no wonder why Loren has decided to take film into his own hands and present a new and interesting concept with, The Dark Military.

For this feature, Loren graciously allowed us to get an early screening of the entire film.

Starring R. Marcos Taylor (Suge Knight in ‘Straight Outta Compton) as well as many actors from Philly’s indie horror scene, including Cabrina CollesidesLamar BumbreyJohn WoodsGina Marie SchollJames DonahueEric Foxhill, Shannon Sexton, and Cory KastleThe Dark Military makes its presence known from the start of the film to the very end.

The plot is about a secret and ruthless group called The Dark Military, and when a webcast LIVE on Halloween turns out to be a real life survival game, eyes from the around the world are tuned in while officials try to find out where this broadcast is taking place. With no technology, no weapons, and no help coming for them, can the group of people survive as the rogue military closes in? 

A classic ‘survival of the fittest’ and ‘hunting games’ take with an interesting and modern situation, something that very well could happen in our world that we live in. The military group is led by the main antagonist, Barabbas, who is also played by Loren himself. Barabbas lets you know right away by his code of conduct, merciless killing, and his ethical speech he presents to the world as they tune in and watch the mayhem unfold. Loren is particularly very fun to watch as he stands tall and scary, and thanks to the film’s editor, it causes much tension and horrific themes throughout the entire film.


However, even with Barabbas interesting character that we would love to get to know how he came to be, the film also plays with hand full of  other attention grabbing characters. Specifically, The Cook, who from the start is a comic relief as well as one who seems to have nothing dark going on, but ultimately ends up being just as dangerous as the rest of the group.

Though Loren presents a strong story and promising characters, I would like to put some real praise into the film’s music score, well lit scenes, and its editing techniques. Filmmakers are known for putting moments in their films that has everyone talking about it; and with The Dark Military, I found myself really enjoying the overall aesthetic the film brought as the military group was hunting these helpless victims in the woods. There are very intense situations and overall dramatic elements as Barabbas and his pack makes their entrance and stance in this world, and it pays off all the way.

Finally, I think there is an overall theme throughout the film that audience members may pick up on. The modern day world now is so focused on technology and entertainment, that we may take for granted real life situations and real terror that is out there. A live broadcast from a rogue military group as people watch across the world is something very real that could (and maybe has) happened. We should be aware of our surroundings and what is going on in the world.


The Dark Military has been going on its festival run and doing quite well around the country. It is also now released on Blu-Ray, and you can pick up a copy here: 

Loren‘s city of Philadelphia fully supports his endeavors and continues to help along the way. Given the ending of his feature, more questions are raised and story is left to be unfolded, but don’t worry, Loren plans on releasing more to his new franchise in the indie filmmaking scene. With this particular story though and with his right direction, it wouldn’t be surprising if he manages to produce an even higher production value and team behind him for his second roundabout.


If you’d like to know more about The Dark Military and its great cast and crew, and even more information about Loren, please check out his website for Average Superstar FilmsBe sure to be on the look out for The Dark Military and its future as well, we have a feeling Loren is just getting started.

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