“Burn” by Covalence

Things are getting heated in the first official music video for the band Covalence and their single, “Burn“.

Knoxville based alternative rock/metal band Covalence has recently been on the rise this year recording music and gearing up to release an EP. The band’s first single, “Burn“, is the first to get the video treatment, and it is on fire, literally.

The four piece rock band wanted to create a video that not only reflects the actual imagery of the song with fire and flames, but also reflect a bit of their own emotional and mental cages that they have personally experienced or that anyone else can relate to. For being a young group of musicians, they are certainly looking at more than just making good music by creating depth from within the band.

So check out the first official video, directed by August Aguilar, and stay tuned for an interview with the band.


Check out Covalence on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and all other social media platforms!


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