Comic Book Gurus Podcast: The Woman

Filmmakers August and Frank Aguilar join the marvelous studio of Comic Book Gurus Podcast once more to talk about their latest film, THE WOMANwith special guest appearances by the women themselves: Jenny MoonNikki Marie, and Erika Stephanie!

Strange Films got to sit down with hosts Craig Liggeons and Rob Templeton from the Comic Book Gurus Podcast in Philadelphia, PA, picking up where they left off from their last visit, speaking about THE WOMANThis time, the duo is joined by the women of the film themselves, as they talk about the process of the film and how it was to be a part of it.


Learn some of the details going into the film and what is planned for after this installment, along with some recent news about Captain Marvel, American Horror Storyand a little too much time spent on comic books! If you missed the first episode, talking more about CENTER CITY and other filmmaking aspects, you can check that episode out here:

The Men and Women of THE WOMAN


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