Meet Covalence

The young rock band has a long and exciting road ahead of them in their music careers, but they are off to a great start. 

Covalence is a young and fresh band from the Knoxville, Tennessee area with the likes of bands such as Tool and Alice In Chains. A four-piece dynamic alternative rock band that regularly explores the melodies and rhythms of the grunge and metal genres. To capture that sound is one thing, to believe and perform it, is another.


Founded in the autumn of 2016 by its versatile vocalist/rhythm guitarist Carter Manson, the band also features backup vocalist/lead guitarist Harrison Hammett, bassist Tad Long, and accomplished drummer Richard David Hodges.  Their unique style and young age has given them the edge they needed in the area to play their music for ages of all generations. From originals to covers, the band has grown tremendously with their talent by bringing high level of head banging energy at their shows and pushing the envelope for vocals and sound.

It also helps that each of the members also play side gigs either solo, or with each other. For example, Richard David Hodges also plays in a country band along with a handful of other genre type bands; while Carter plays in three other bands inlcuding Vicarious: A Tool Tribute band. These mixtures of genres certainly keeps their dedication to music going and on their toes for any sort of show they might play.


Recently, Covalence had released their first official music video for their first single, “Burn“, shot and directed by August Aguilar. It showcases the members each with their own personal self-reflections along with a hard rocking performance around lots of fire.

One important thing to note besides the talent and passion that these fellas have, is that they are indeed young, with most of the members still being in high school. But that is an awesome thing to know; they are still having fun and creating things that are original and purely from their hearts. These guys have a long way to go in the music industry, but with their drive, talents, and creativity, I believe they will be going a long way.

If you’re in the Knoxville area, you can be sure to catch Covalence at a handful of shows and events for the remainder of the year. If not, be sure to check them out on Facebook or follow them on Spotify as they plan to release and record more new music this year and next.

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