Strange Films: The Woman (CENTER CITY)

Strange Films presents the latest installment in the CENTER CITY series, following the titular character herself: THE WOMANWritten and produced by Frank Aguilar, and Directed by August Aguilar

In March of 2017, STRANGE FILMS released their second short film: CENTER CITY.

Since then, the film has been awarded Best Drama at the Philly TV Film Festival, and has been officially selected by a select few of film festivals, as well as a few special screenings across Philadelphia, including more recently, by the Philadelphia Film Society, including an interview with the director. With each showing and the word of mouth spreading through Philadelphia, the film has been actively floating around and getting praise for its unique look, style, music, story, and characters.


The story has spawned lots of questions of who these characters are and what the hell is actually going on in the film. Since the release, Frank and August Aguilar decided to continue the series to explain some of these plot lines, starting off with fan favorite character: BUTCH.

The follow up to the series now begins with THE WOMANwhich is actually a prequel to CENTER CITYand serves as an explanation of why the events of the original film took place and who is actually pulling the strings behind it. Bringing back the lead actress, Jenny Moon, and introducing the two other female leads, Nikki Marie as JACKIE and Erika Stephanie as THE QUEEN, dive back into the world of these characters and learn more of what is really going on.

Shot on location at O’Neals in Philadelphia, and featuring an original song written for the film by local band Airways, here is the story of THE WOMAN

To continue the series, the filmmakers will now embark on the final companion piece following DRIVERand lastly concluding with the finale: CENTER CITY 2

To hear more about CENTER CITY and how it came to be, and what’s in store, be sure to check out the latest podcast the filmmakers on by the world famous Comic Book Gurus Podcast here:

The filmmakers also threw a special event premiere party once again for the film at the 2nd Street Brew House featuring Airways along with the cast and crew of the film. The creators showed off their films, gave out free swag, and had a blast enjoying South Philly. You can check out some photos below!

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