“Into The Night” by Airways

The Queen of Philadelphia is holding auditions for her next favorite act.

The collaboration continues with Strange Films and Philadelphia based alternative rock trio Airways, producing a brand new music video that is a companion piece to the latest short film release, THE WOMAN

“Into The Night”, the song that Airways wrote and recorded specifically for the film, was featured in the opening and closing credits of the film. The band also played a show at the premiere party of the film in South Philadelphia. Now, with the new music video you can listen to the song in its entirety, along with a small extension to the film and story of CENTER CITY

Reprising their roles as THE QUEEN (Erika Stephanie) and JACKIE (Nikki Marie), and introducing newcomers Alexa Hanna (the PROTEGE) and Joe Green (the EMCEE), the intro shows THE QUEEN holding auditions for her next favorite act to go along with her leisure time when she’s not placing hits on MARKS. Airways is the next to show her their talents, and we think they rock out.

Spliced with scenes from the film itself along with some funny bits, we present to you the music video for, “Into The Night”, Directed by August Aguilar:

And if you haven’t watched THE WOMAN yet, check it out here:

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