Rock & Roll Benefit Show, Vol. 2

Super Action Rock & Rollers Mass Driver, teams up with the punk-tastic group The Bad Dudes, and new alternative rock band Sharkfight for a benefit show towards Young Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, TN. 

Knoxville’s finest musicians come together again for another night of head banging riffs, good times, and bringing donations for a good cause. Hosted at The Open Chord, we covered some of the action from the bands so you can check out just how hard they rock.

Check out the full video and photo gallery below and be sure to check out their Facebook pages to show your support!

“Jurassic Mutha” by Mass Driver

“T-Minus Go” by Mass Driver

“Balls Deep” & “Wasted” by The Bad Dudes

“Single” by Sharkfight

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