An Ode to Modern Baseball

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It’s an interesting thing to discover music that relates so closely to you at certain times in your life. Whether it takes an emotional toll or amps you up for the big game, the songs speak to you in a way that no one else can, and for once you may feel that you can relate to something.

An Ode to is a series that will bond fans and musicians together, and why their songs are so powerful, and generally something people should listen to.

Modern Baseball

On an evening where it seemed that everything was going wrong, the one thing that felt right was a random song that came from a Spotify suggestion. This song in particular was a bit somber, but in a hopeful way. It was dreamy; and in a sense that being half asleep and listening to something in the background of your conscious state began to swirl into your imaginations as you were about to drift away to a darken slumber. The song was “Pothole“, and it was a portal to an entire new wave of music.

Modern Baseball was a Philadelphia native band formed by two friends who liked to sing about girls. These two friends were quickly joined by two others and began to make honest music that was so original and unique, in a matter of a short two years they managed to gain a stardom fanbase with packed out basement and venue shows in the city and on the road as well across the boards of alternative/indie music with their first two albums, The Nameless Ranger and Sports

We mentioned was, because until recently the band had gone on an indefinite hiatus just after their fourth record with their last set of shows playing in their hometown October 2017. With reasons due to a need to take care of their mental health and friendships, the story behind the band is quite interesting and compelling for this group of young adolescents being thrown into stardom so quickly with music so powerful.

Check Out The Documentary, Tripping In The Dark, here:

The thing about Modern Baseball is that their lyrics are relatable to most people in their adolescent years or who may remember going through those times. Most songs are about girls; but also deal with friendships, depression, anxiety, good times, family, and just about any other kind of topic most musicians find a way to write about. In fact, their last album Holy Ghost mainly deals with themes of losing loved ones and battling mental illness. The point is, for such a young group of guys they have a lot to tell and you can really feel that through their music.

The two vocalists, Brendan Lukens and Jake Ewald, are a very similar duo to the likes of Tom Delonge and Mark HoppusLukens has a much higher pitched voice with an emotional reach that will make you go through your heartaches and triumphs over and over again in your head. Tracks like “I Think You Were In My Profile Picture Once” or “The Weekend“, are two very different stylistic songs but bring out the perhaps the best and worst moments you can think of with relationships and friends.

While Ewald on the other hand, seems to have a much more grounded approach to his song writing by offering lots of insights and reflections to life, love, and family; all while also writing catchy and fun songs to accompany you on your daily routine or nights out. You’ll find “Everyday” or “Broken Cash Machine“, both different but taking those alternate routes are a great switch up. Let’s also not forget the song “Your Graduation” that features vocals from the drummer, Sean Huber which brings a powerful punch out of nowhere, all while he still plays the drums. Of course while their songwriting’s may be a bit different at approach, one compliments and completes the other to make the entire album(s) a complete perfection.

Whether you’re feeling down or optimistic, nostalgic or scared for the future, or simply just want to listen to something new, we highly recommend Modern Baseball and all what they have to offer. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this band was the fact that they were just a bunch of young guys who wanted to create some music. Discovering how talented they were and how far they came may have been a bit overwhelming to lead to a hiatus, but being proactive enough to ensure they held their friendship bonds closely and their own well-beings speak a lot for themselves and the music community. Should they return someday for new music or not, they have forever left a mark on people’s hearts for being who they were.

From experiencing them both through the randomness of streaming and physically seeing them live, this band has brought about a whole new way of creative thinking and inspirations, while also discovering other new musicians like Small Circle, The Front Bottoms, Marietta, and lots more. It may not be for everyone, but it may be just the right choice for you.

Some other songs to check out:

It’s Cold Out Here“, ” Two Good Things“, “Re-Done“, and “Hours Outside In The Snow

Of course there are SO many other great hits, and if you’re really into all of these guys, you can check out their side projects including Brendan Lukens solo works, Sean Huber’s Steady Hands, as well as Jake Ewald’s band with the bassist of Modern Baseball (Ian Farmer), Slaughter Beach, Dog

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