Civil Strife: Hear The Noise EP

Civil Strife is a 4-piece original, classic rock style band that is working on spanning a generational gap in music.

Hear The Noisea brand new 5-track EP released by Knoxville based rock group Civil Strife, hits all the right notes with a familiar attitude that both young and older generations will find a stance with.

Civil Strife

It was actually a quite pleasant surprise to finally hear the EP (that was recently released on Halloween), to find that an old soul and love of rock and roll lays heavy with each track and doesn’t miss its target. Those who enjoy the likes of Guns N’ RosesLed Zeppelin, AC/DC, and other old school rock legends will notice right off the bat where some of their influence comes from. But the fact is, Civil Strife is a new incarnation that is hoping to making its voice heard regionally and across the map.

We’re mostly inspired by classic rock bands from the late sixties and into the seventies. Bands like The Beatles, The Doors, Zeppelin, etc. Our drummer likes metal a lot, so he plays hard. The lead guitarist brings a lot of influence in from some of the old blues players. SRV, Buddy Guy, Clapton. Our bassist plays in the AC/DC tribute Hells Bells/Big Gun ranked #1 AC/DC tribute by Rolling Stone Magazine, so you could definitely say they’re an influence. Alan, who writes most of the songs was inspired to write songs by folk songwriters from Woody Guthrie to Paul Simon.

Hailing from all parts of the country, the four-piece rock group consists of Alan Garcia (vocals), Vince Nejedlo (lead guitarist), Mark Kennedy (bass guitarist), and Neiko Levenhagen (drummer), who sits mostly with the younger crowd compared to a lot of other musicians in the area. Garcia, who is only 23, carries his vocal range across the spectrum that hits all the highs and lows while loosely engaging in different styles of singing. It’s refreshing to hear such tunes carried so confidentially in a style that is perhaps a couple of decades older than the actual band itself.

Alan [2]
Photo Credit: Rachel Craig
You’ll find on their EP some fun material to play with; for instance, their opening track “I Feel LIke I Should” starts with a fun bass and drum build up until the guitar swings in with a energetic boost of power until Garcia’s vocals settles in smoothly to guide you through what Civil Strife has to offer. Then again, “Faded” or “Broken Cup Won’t Fill Up” both offer a bit heavier riffs and that is all about having a good time. “She Locks Her Doors At 11” is personally a favorite, reminding us of an bluesy southern rock jam that shows a more intimate side of the band’s range. Finally, the title track of the EP, “Hear The Noise“, is a very straightforward and quick song, but you can tell it is more about jamming out and making some fun noise while expressing themselves freely.

The most meaningful song would be “Hear the Noise”. Alan doesn’t say much in that one. Just a few lines and we just jam the same riff for the most part. But when we play that song live, it just does something to us. We’re really Civil Strife at that moment and we are a team like the line in it says, “Chilling with my team, yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Seemingly enough, the band is on the right track to produce some great hits and play a string of shows to build the gap between fans and musicians. After recently recording and playing a few shows to get started, the fellas have high hopes to become a staple show that people look forward to see. They are ready to proceed, but they know it will take time.

In 2019 the plan is to just take it step by step. We have a ton of work to do. Finishing our current album is our number one goal. We plan to have that done by summer next year. There are so many people that can’t make it to some of those local shows. We want to get our music to all those that aren’t physically able to make it out. Most of us, after all, are not from Knoxville originally.  We hope that we can have some regional opportunities next year to help our fan base grow, but there are still so many more people in Knoxville that don’t know who we are yet, so we plan to play a lot in Knoxville in 2019 as well.

Civil Strife will be actively seeking shows out in the region and you can find all of their music off of their current EP, along with additional information on their website posted below:

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