Silence In The Stars: Believe EP

We return with our friends in Silence In The Stars who gears up to debut their brand new EP, Believe.

It’s been a little while since we last heard from our local alternative grunge rock band Silence In The Stars, who released their self-titled EP earlier this year and worked with us on releasing their music video for Inside My Head. The debut EP stood tall with seven great tracks, all ranging from lyrical ballads, heavy rock, and even an acoustic melody to give you the full scope of the bands musical performance.

Osborne and Mullins

Since their release, the band had put on a string of shows throughout the region and out of town gigs. They also went through a line-up change and even started a small side project band called October Harvest, but this didn’t stop lead singer Ryan Osborne and guitarist/drummer J.T. Mullins from moving forward with their intentions of making new music. With Believetheir upcoming four-track EP being released on November 30th, it shows that they still have the passion and will to perform, play, and lay their hearts out there through their music against anything that defies that expectation.


We got the exciting news that we could preview the EP before its release, and we are thrilled to share that this is still very much Silence In The Stars, but yet a more progressed and mature version at the same time. One thing that is truly exciting for each song going into it, is that Osborne’s lyrics are so captivating and intricately laid out along with the band’s choices of style behind it, that each individual track stands solid against the other and it is hard to pick a favorite. “The Monster” and “February” immediately stood out as being a much more aggressive and heavier transition into their new formation of the band. On the other side, “Believe” and “Down” bring back the melodic ballads and alternative sound that strings out an emotional balance that deeply questions some internal struggles we all may have.

Believe was recorded by local music producer John Chaney who really brings together the entire package in a nice and clean way. The vocals sound fantastic and the instruments are well balanced throughout. The band not only seemed to want to progress with their style, but also make sure their quality was on check as well with this new release.

Ryan Osborne tracking vocals

All in all, we are very proud of this band and how much talent and passion they have with their music. Even technically as a duo at the moment, it doesn’t stop the fellas from recording every part of this EP together and showing a more personal side of things. Comparing to their self-titled release, we can tell that they have had lots of time to take some of the things in their life and push it in a new musical perspective.

Stay tuned for the full release on November 30th, and keep up with the band on their Facebook page as they continue to rebuild their members in hopes of a solid tour in 2019.

Silence In The Stars Facebook:

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