The Women Of The Night

From the streets of New York comes an underground experience of translucent sounds and lyrics, with an overall slick tone that will bring you back into the light of the early days of grunge and alternative.


Written by Blake Hall

The Women Of The Night are a proto punk/glam pop gang from Brooklyn, NY, by way of Adelaide.  A decadent band with a street talking attitude that will whisper in your ear sweetly and punch you in the stomach fiercely.  Somewhere in the vein of  Velvet Underground meets The Birthday Party, it is a nice surprise to get thrown into the realm of nostalgic and angsty emotions in their music. Their first singles, “Moscow Mansions/Be Careful What You Wish” & “Leather Glove/Quiet Nights” off their upcoming EP Open All Night.


Moscow Mansions/Be Careful What You Wish For

Immediately after hearing these songs, it is apparent the sound is distinctly New York. There is a grittiness that very much echoes the vibe of The Velvet Underground & Nico,  but updated to a 2010’s dream pop aesthetic.  “Moscow Mansions” is just plain cool, yet desperately longing with a sense of anticipation.  These are a fantastic set of lyrics, my favorite being:
“she’s gonna catch them stars
and she ain’t coming down again”
I couldn’t stop nodding my head as I was reading the lyrics and grooving out to the music.  A truly special mood is captured, especially when the synth kicks in about halfway through the song.
A shout out also must go to B side, “Be Careful What You Wish For”.  After the gritty longing of “Moscow Mansions”, “Be Careful What You Wish For” offers more of a mellow and dreamy vibe.  There is a sense of build up throughout the song as more texture is added.  It sounds like absolute bliss when the synth kicks in near the end and makes the song an overall wonderful sonic experience.


Leather Glove/Quiet Nights

“Leather Glove” is probably the darkest song of the bunch, offering a gritty sound that reminds one of Nick Cave meets Lou Reed.  Its gritty and desperate lyrics about being in love with a stripper make for a strong rocker.  The doo-wop-esque vocals throughout really give the song an intriguing pop melody.
Much like how “Be Careful What You Wish For” is a mellow companion to “Moscow Mansions”, “Quiet Nights” brings it down a bit after the harsh “Leather Glove”.  The lyrics are sad and bitter at first but slowly falls into its own somber escape as it repeats “it’s all so quiet”.
Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 6.33.33 PM.png


This band really does rock.  They know what they’re doing. A refreshing take on the early times of grunge and alternative rock as it experimented throughout the decades. They have a strong rhythm section which compliments the heartbreaking and lonely lyrics.  These songs are gritty but not without a dose of vulnerability.  For those who haven’t heard these guys yet, you have some homework to do. The Women Of The Night are worth your attention and time.

Check out their music and Facebook page below and show your support!

The Women Of The Night Facebook




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