Meet Truth of The Matter

Four high school students are going the distance and beginning their dreams in this rock group that is on the rise in Knoxville, TN.

Truth of The Matter is a four-piece rock band that plays original and cover material all throughout the Knoxville and regional areas. After a successful year of producing music, performing multiple shows and festivals, winning a Battle of The Bands contest, and being featured on radio and television spots, the group is gearing up to have an even better 2019 and we are thrilled to be a part of it.


Originating from SoKnox Studios in Knoxville, TN. The band is  produced by Frank Sheadrick Jr. who helps them every step of the way to ensure they are bringing out the absolute best performance and energy for every show. With four diverse friends in the band with individual talents, combined brings a unique and magical sound like no other.

Recently, we hung out with the band for our Unwrapped Sessions series and shot their live performance. We touched on the successes of the band, but now we are here to give you some insight of who these talented young faces are behind the music. Check it out here:

Meet ToTM:


Rhiane West, a 17 year old Junior, is the lead singer of ToTM, and attends school in Seymour, TN. She is an honors student, and excels in the award winning Concert Choir. She lives and breathes vocals, and has a powerful and forceful sound for such a small frame. Her mature vocals captivate and rock the crowd!



Jacob Fine, a 17 year old Junior, also attends school in Seymour, TN, is an honors student and is an established performer who played his “One Man Rock Band” shows everywhere from the Hard Rock Cafe to Fox & Hounds for well over a year while also working to buy his own equipment from his shows and employment from Food City. Jacob plays lead guitar for ToTM, but is able to play all instruments in the band and writes all of the band’s original material in collaboration with our bass player.


Matthew Smith, a 16 year old Junior, attends school in Seymour, TN, is a very talented bass player, and gets attention with his slap bass skills. Matt is also a gifted song writer. He is an honors student, and excels in the award winning Concert Choir. He often sings back-up vocals with his rich bass vocals. Matt and Jacob work very well together creating and writing songs for the band.

48366576_329015891161694_7687406236186181632_n.jpgLast but definitely not least, Isaiah Sheadrick, a 17 year old Senior, attends school in Knoxville and excels in his high school marching band on the base drum, and plays our ToTM drums with high energy and a big personality that leaves you wanting more! Isaiah also comes out from behind the drums and is a talented singer when Rhiane needs a break. He always brings a special energy to the crowd and to the band.


We are excited to see where 2019 takes the band after hearing their talents first hand and that they are planning to release a full album sometime soon. Check back here for more updates and be sure to follow them online and be part of the #TruthNation to keep up with the band and show your support!

Truth of The Matter Website:

Truth of The Matter Facebook:

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