Top 10 El Burrito Blog Moments of 2018

We’re taking a look back at all of our favorite moments of 2018, featuring more music, art, and film than ever. Check out all of these amazing creators and the exciting things we got to participate in.

#10: Rock & Roll Benefit Show: Vol. 2

To kick things off on our Top 10 list, we’re bringing you some of the best rock and roll action around Knoxville as part of the Rock & Roll Benefit Show: Vol. 2Last year, we were a part of the BRAWL at The Birdhouse benefit show, with all funds going to Young Williams Animal Center and featuring four top-notch bands performing. This year, we held the same donations and had our friends in Mass Driver, along with newcomers Sharkfight! and The Bad Dudes play wicked sets all night long. The music was great, and doing it for the puppies was an even better feeling. Here is one of the sets below, you can watch all the videos here and on our YouTube channel.

#9: The World of Podcasts

This year, we were very fortunate to have been a part of multiple podcasts hosted by wonderful people around the country. From one of our very first appearances with the creative team behind Authors In Abstract to the dynamic duo over at The Comic Book Gurus show,  we got to really dive into what we are all about and the details of all our projects. Check out the full list of shows we’ve been on here, and if you’re into listening to podcasts in general, consider tuning into all these fun shows we got the pleasure of getting to know.

SliceCast Podcast: August Aguilar & Johnny Zuko

#8: MidSummer Scream

One of the most exciting things we got to do this year was tagging along with Strange Films to be a part of one of the largest horror conventions in the world that takes place in Long Beach, California. MidSummer Scream features all the thrills and chills that any horror fan would love to die for, and the fact that one of our in house short films (Cindy’s Birthday Party) was featured in the line up made it so much more exciting to attend. We’re hoping to go back next year to see even more haunted attractions and entertainment galore!

#7: Talking With Creators

It’s not often that we get the chance to sit down with a Creator and pick their brain a bit. We enjoy being able to share someone’s story or passion with whatever project that is being worked on, so we are happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with everyone we spoke to this year. Though we interviewed more musicians this year, we really hope to branch out to many more talented and interesting friends out there next year. Here is one of the first sit down’s we did this year with Philadelphia hip-hop artist Voss, speaking about his sophomore record Lost & CrownedCheck out the rest of our interviews here:

#6: Submitted Content

This year we had more submissions than ever before that we had the pleasure to feature and showcase on our website. From artists to filmmakers, and many more musicians, we are very proud to have made a step toward becoming a platform for creative entertainment to be recognized at. With so many great submissions, it’s hard to pick a favorite or even list them all, but here are some that do stick out to us:

You can find many more submitted projects scattered around our Artist Spotlight, Album Reviews, Artist Alley, Short Films, and Movies, pages! As always, you can learn to Submit your own projects here: 



#5: The Burrito Bash

Our very first major event we held and created on our own. It was a big day for us and a lot of fun. An all around entertainment experience; we featured a small selection of short films (including the premiere of Strange Films Cindy’s Birthday Party), live art by artist Alex Glymp, comedy by Doc Isaac, live podcast taping from Southern Fried Network, and music by Chance Lawson, Brack Owens, and Mass Driver. To top it all off, we had burritos made and catered to all of the attendees! It was a great experience and a lot to learn from; and we’re happy to say we are taking the steps currently to host a second Burrito Bash in 2019! Thanks again to everyone who came out!

burrito bash poster.jpg

#4: Unwrapped Sessions

One of our biggest goals this year was to create a new video series showcasing live music. We’re a huge fan of studio session videos with our favorite musicians performing in an intimate setting, especially broken down acoustically. So that’s what we aimed for, and managed to do two episodes this year. We featured the raunchy comedy group, The Knox By Night Band, and a very talented group who are still in high-school, Truth of The Matter. Both were a lot of fun to watch and put together, and we only hope for even more musicians to feature next year and to help grow the reach of their music.

#3: The Ciderville Show

This past November we worked together with Mass Driver to film a full concert video at one of the oldest country music venues in Tennessee. A historic venue that has had the likes of Willie Nelson and many more country artists share the stage, it had just enough charm and interesting looks to the place for the legendary Super Action Rock and Rollers to perform and give it their all. We are currently still in post-production of the entire show; but stay tuned for the full concert to be released soon!


#2: Music Videos

We had such a busy year with music videos! This year we fully shot and produced eight music videos by a number of different artists from all over. Every music video we’ve made has been special to us and we’re so thankful to have made so many friends who gave us a chance to create their vision from their music. Here’s some of our top music videos we shot this year:

To see more of our music videos, check out our Music Video page on our website, or visit Director August Aguilar’s page. We hope to extend the count and reach to a variety of new musicians next year! Check out Silence In The Stars video for Inside My Head, below:

#1: Strange Films

Once more, our top moment of the year has to go to our other half: Strange Films. This year, our in house film production company had a great and successful year producing four projects (BUTCHCindy’s Birthday Party, My Good Neighbor, THE WOMAN), along with an amazing festival run, multiple podcasts and features (check out the write up and interview from the Philadelphia Film Society), travels, collaborations, and the exciting announcement of adapting a comic book series. All of this, and it still feels like we are just in the beginning phases of our creative work. With 2019 in sights, we plan to begin the final two chapters in the CENTER CITY series along with new and original bizarre stories. We’re very excited to see what new ideas come to life and the surprises in store. If you’re a fan of our films, we thank you so much and hope you stick around for what we have coming next. Be sure to Subscribe to us on YouTube and Follow us on Facebook!

Here is our latest film that we released back in September, the prequel to CENTER CITYfollowing our titular character, THE WOMAN

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