Meet FM Silence

FM Silence is an indie-alternative band hailing from Johnson City, Tennessee, wearing their passions, faith, and love for music and people on their sleeves for all to see.

The trio consists of Nathan Wright (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Denver Mount (Drums), and Matthew Rogers (Bass/Vocals), who in the past two years have gone from simply expressing themselves musically to friends and family around a local college campus to putting their patience and talents to the test by fully recording an EP and making headway on a tour around the East Coast in hot spots like New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.


It’s a long journey with a lot of hard work, and for these friends, it’s just the beginning. In the vein of bands such as Bad Suns or perhaps the aesthetic of the early days of American Football with their instrumental choices, FM Silence welcomes you to a beautifully orchestrated EP titled, Summer of ’15with five solid songs that string together a harmonic justice of smooth rhythms to your ears.

The EP is heavily consisted of themes such as love and faith, but the emotion is felt through every string played and lyric sang. Tracks such as “Feels” and “Maybe” really bring the amp into their style; pumping the momentum into their shows and songwriting skill set. Though their title track song, “Summer of ’15“, sounds like the band’s true anthem in presenting themselves and who they want to be as a band by connecting all of their themes into one rocking song that ends with a lovely piano piece to finish the EP altogether.


Professionally recorded and providing a great sound and energy for their first released material, FM Silence manages to capture a reminiscing feeling of something longed for or hoping to achieve in a short amount of time. Through time, experience, and growth, the band will surely go through much deeper roots and stylistic choices in new material as the progress, which is very exciting to see happen.

If there is one thing musically to take away from the band’s debut EP, it’s very much so that these guys seem more dedicated than ever to begin exploring their genre now that they put themselves out there. In a short amount of time they managed to take a larger than life idea and turn it into a reality, and that’s pretty cool. With 2019 now here on the horizon, their aim is set on booking even more shows and writing new material that ultimately brings them closer to their fans.


If you want to check out the band for yourself, you can find Summer of ’15 on Spotify, and you can learn a bit about the band and their story on their website. Also be sure to check out their online store, which offers some sweet merchandise you can wear to support the guys. Follow their social media accounts below:


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