R3D3Y3: Quest EP

Bringing back the roots of his hometown and taking aim at the game, R3D3Y3 is back with his brand new EP, titled Quest

It’s been about a year now since we last worked with the hip-hop artist R3D3Y3, featuring his song “Change My Wayz“, off of his EP OrganimationSince then, the then Knoxville based artist moved back to his hometown of Oakdale and began digging a little deeper for his newest project.

Produced by DMB ProductionsQuest is a little more grittier and raw than his last project. R3D3Y3 tells us he wanted a project that was for his fans and something fun they could listen to.

In celebration of his newest EP, we teamed up with the rapper once more to produce a video for his single, “Anakin“.  You can watch the video below:

To listen to Questyou can stream the EP on Spotify and Apple music. Here is the playlist below to check out:

‘Here what R3D3Y3 has to say about Quest and what comes next in the interview below:

Stream the artist on SoundCloud as well:

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