Hidden Treasures: Forever Changes (1967, Love)

A blast from the past comes from one of the most underrated albums that no one seems to talk about. This is Forever Changesby Love

Written by Blake Hall

Forever Changes (1967, Love)

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Forever Changes is an original, magical and timeless album experience. It’s one of those albums that always got critical acclaim, yet hardly anyone seems to talk about it.  It’s a real shame because, while it’s a counterculture album of 1967, it doesn’t sound dated in the slightest and deserves to be mentioned alongside the best works of The Beatles and The Beach Boys.  Every song makes some kind of special impact.

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“Alone Again Or” blends Byrds-esque folk influence with Spanish guitar, which results in a very unique sound.  It’s the most well known song off the album.  It has a strong mystical soul searching vibe to it.  “A House Is Not A Motel” is a groovy rocker with great energy.  It’s stunning that Love could conjure this much energy merely within an acoustic set.  It’s such a groovy rocker, especially with the psychedelic guitar freakout in the final minute.  “AndMoreAgain” is dreamy and will take you to magical places.  It’s gorgeous beyond words. “The Daily Planet” is a rather overlooked gem that I never get tired of listening to.  It’s psychedelic pop perfection and has a distinct sound that could only come out of the 60’s.  Can’t get enough of that groovy bass line.  “Old Man”, while not necessarily a highlight, has fantastic orchestration.  There’s something distinctly haunting about it.  “The Red Telephone” has a hazy apocalyptic vibe that is haunting, trippy and just plain beautiful. It’s quite an experience that must be listened to.


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“Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale” may be a bizarre song title, but it’s one of the absolute strongest on the album.  It takes me to a magical world that I never want to leave.  It has an endlessly enjoyable vibe.  “Live And Let Live” is a beautiful cry for freedom with fantastic melodies and powerful guitar work.  Not to mention, one of the oddest opening lines I’ve ever heard in a song (“well the snot has caked against my pants”).  “The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This” is one of my favorites because I love how forcibly happy it sounds, which gives it a subtly creepy vibe.  It has an atmosphere that I find very powerful.  It sounds so sweetly innocent but there is something dark and haunting going on.  “Bummer In The Summer” has a cool rhythm that I’m convinced is an early blueprint for rap because of the quick lyrical delivery.  “You Set The Scene” concludes the album with a song that would surely rank amongst my all time top 10.  It’s one of the most magical and life affirming things I’ve ever listened to.  It essentially takes every song that came before it and combines them into a 6 minute musical odyssey.   Within the groove, orchestration and life affirming lyrics, it’s a mini epic that never fails to evoke pure joy out of me.

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Forever Changes is a fresh, dreamy and timeless masterwork.  I will never tire of revisiting this beauty.  If you haven’t heard it, I cannot recommend diving into this unique album experience enough.


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