Strange Films: Subject

2 weeks to write, shoot, and edit a film with certain elements required within. Winner of Best Editing, check out Strange Films newest addition to their bizarre world.  


Strange Films recently signed up for a film competition in part of the first inaugural Southern Oasis Film Festival in Knoxville, TN. The competition, called the 2 Week Twister, was to write, shoot, and edit a film in two weeks, that also required the use of certain elements, dialogue, time limit, and that ended with a twist. In return, the film production team created: Subject.

Directed by August Aguilar and starring Tyler McKee (Passenger, My Good Neighbor), and featuring a stellar performance from Austin Polley from the Super Action Rock band Mass Driver, the film was nominated for 7 awards at the festival including Best Writing, Best Directing, Best Actor, and Best Twist. The film also features amazing SFX/Make-Up work by the legendary Erik Jackson of Scarebear Makeup.

Winner of Best Editing, here is the film below with the synopsis. Enjoy and find out ways to support Strange Films after!


A man trapped inside his own apartment becomes the subject of entertainment for something out of this world.


Required elements in the film: 

  • Dialogue: “Do I amuse you?”
  • Secret item: Ticket
  • 3 Elements: Alarm clock, lamp, aluminum foil
  • Time requirement: 8-12 minutes

Please consider subscribing to Strange Films on YouTube as well checking them out on Facebook. You can find all of their strange content online as here on our website.




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