Classic Albums: Loveless (1991, My Bloody Valentine)

A cult band in the 90’s is one that you may have never heard of, now is the time to see what they were all about.

Written by Blake Hall

Loveless (1991, My Bloody Valentine)



Loveless is simply one of the most gorgeous and dreamy sounding albums you’ll ever hear.  And I don’t mean gorgeous as in mellow acoustic guitars, but I mean with loud and layered guitar riffs.  The guitar tone is the most heavenly sounding thing imaginable. It’s an album full of lovely and unforgettable melodies.  It’s the kind of album you can drift off to and let it transport you into soundscape bliss.



“Only Shallow” kicks off the album with the most heavenly of soundscapes.  The sweet guitar combined with Bilinda Butcher’s ethereal whispering voice make this song a perfect way to kickstart the album.  “Loomer” is equally fantastic, which is a song that makes me think about entering sheer bliss.  “Touched” is an interesting and strange little filler track that sounds like a bunch of whales wailing.  “To Here Knows When” is the most surreal moment on the album and is my personal favorite My Bloody Valentine song.  It’s a mind boggling and psychedelic soundscape that I never tire of losing myself into.  “When You Sleep” is a sound of indescribable beauty and is a strong highlight.  I just love it when the guitar distorts heavier than ever in the final minute.  “I Only Said” has such an awesome riff with a bit of an Eastern aesthetic to it.




“Come In Alone” is a heavenly song that has a bit of a Smashing Pumpkins vibe to it.  “Sometimes” evokes some heavy bittersweet emotions.  It was put to great use in Lost In Translation.  “Blown A Wish” is every bit as dreamy as the title would lead you to believe.  It’s one of my favorite moments on the album.  “What You Want” is one of my personal highlights, yet nobody really seems to talk about it.  Why not?  It’s musical heaven!  Then again, so is everything else on this album.  “Soon” is the perfect conclusion to the album and always manages to make 7 minutes feel like 3.



Loveless is the strongest thing to come out of the short lived shoegaze genre.  It’s an album of ethereal beauty.  If you haven’t heard it, please do yourself a favor and check it out! (And don’t mistake them for Bullet For My Valentine!)



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