“Welcome To Ciderville” Full Concert by Mass Driver

Get ready to rock and roll up close and personal with Mass Driver as they perform live at the historic Ciderville Music Barn, recording their new live album.


A two for one special with Super Action Rock n Roller’s Mass Driver as they recently performed back in November at the historic country music venue where the likes of Willie Nelson and more have shared the stage once before.

The band found a unique opportunity to create something big with this one of a kind venue, so they decided to bring on the trusted Ridgetone Recording Studio to professionally record the concert for a new live album titled, Welcome To Ciderville.

While the album doesn’t release until February 22nd, the other special half is that the entire concert was filmed professionally by the El Burrito Blog team for a full concert video for the band, which is now officially released and available for your viewing!


For any fan of Mass Driver, this concert featuring ten electric tracks is one for the books and something that will always be fun to revisit. For the newcomers, prepare for heavy riffs, songs about robots fighting, power stances, and a fist full of action that is unforgettable. We encourage you to not only check out a few songs from the video, but please check them out on Spotify, iTunes, Facebook, and other streaming platforms.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Welcome To Ciderville live concert and relive the magic of these talented guys. The live album will also be available to stream on Spotify and others on the 22nd!

El Burrito Blog

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