Classic Albums: The Velvet Underground (1969, The Velvet Underground)

In a time of need, there’s always one album that can soothe your escape. Relive some of the best tunes from The Velvet Underground in this classic album.

The Velvet Underground (1969, The Velvet Underground)


The Velvet Underground’s third album is simply one of the greatest things my ears have ever heard.  For this, the Velvet’s sacrifice their usual experimentation and replace it with all kinds of warm, good vibes.  This album honestly has everything I could ask for from an album.  It’s different from the more popular banana album but it’s every bit as good.  In all honesty, I just might prefer this one.




“Candy Says” is a beautiful, understated, relaxed and calming song that makes one just want to be with nature.  It’s incredibly dreamy and soothing.  A perfect opener that will take you to beautiful places.  “What Goes On” is incredibly groovy and fun, it’s so hard to not love this one.  Gotta love that organ behind the hypnotic guitar.  “Some Kinda Love” is my least favorite on the album but still very good.  I enjoy the kinky atmosphere on this one.  “Pale Blue Eyes” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.  I wouldn’t hesitate to call it my favorite Velvet Underground song.  Although it’s a sad song, it mellows me out with its magical guitar part and simplistic organ.  In fact, the entire song works so well because of its simplicity.  It has one of my all time favorite guitar solos.  There isn’t any kind of complexity behind it but it just has some real feeling to it.  A beautiful song beyond words.  “Jesus” makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside with its incredible melody and set of lyrics.


Velvet Underground Matrix_header_PolydorUMe


“Beginning To See The Light” is an incredible little groove that never fails to evoke all kinds of good vibes.  The final 30 seconds where everyone gets together and sings “how does it feel….to be loved?”  Mmmm does it gives me goosebumps.  “I’m Set Free” is like the inverse of “Heroin”.  While that is a dark nihilistic song, this one is gorgeous and uplifting.  It evokes all kinds of good feelings.  That guitar solo just sounds like freedom.  “That’s The Story Of My Life” is pure fun.  Such an adorable song.  “The Murder Mystery” is the one weird song on this album.  It sounds like a madhouse but it’s interesting and plenty of fun to get lost into the wild ride.  Last is “After Hours”, which is simultaneously lonely and innocently adorable.




The Velvet Underground is a nice low key album that never fails to evoke good vibes.  It’s incredibly warm and melodic and the atmosphere is soothing and profoundly beautiful.  A perfect record for soul searching.


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