Classic Albums: In A Silent Way (1969, Miles Davis)

Perhaps one of the greatest jazz albums of all time. Revisit the beauty of In A Silent Way by Miles Davis.

Written by Blake Hall

In A Silent Way (1969, Miles Davis)



In A Silent Way is easily the greatest jazz fusion album I’ve ever heard…and it’s generally considered to be the first one!  It’s an experience of magical and ethereal beauty from start to finish.  While Miles Davis’s following album Bitches Brew is alienating and distant, this one is friendly and inviting.  It has a hazy, calm, yet slightly surreal nighttime vibe that I can’t get enough of.  It only consists of two 20 minute songs…so this will be short and sweet.




“Shhh/Peaceful” is such an amazing piece of music.  This song is all about the mood created within the soundscape textures along with John McLaughlin’s incredible guitar work.  The sound is spacey and ethereal.  I absolutely love the magical sound created here and it’s a world I never seem to tire of diving into.  “In A Silent Way/It’s About That Time” is an even better song with some of the most peaceful soundscapes I’ve ever heard.  Half of the song is a soothing piece with relaxed guitar work from McLaughlin and Miles comes in with the trumpet, proving a mysterious sound.  It then transitions into a surreal laid back groove.  It gradually builds into a funky sound that never fails to put a smile on my face until it goes back to the opening blissful soundscape for the final minutes.


maxresdefault (4)


In A Silent Way makes one feel at peace with the world.  It’s my go to album when I want to space out and let my mind wander.  It puts one into a blissful trance.  It’s an album made to flush out any stress and restore wonder towards the world again.  To me, this is Davis’s most essential listen along with Kind Of Blue.


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