Strange Films: The Driver (CENTER CITY)

The fourth installment to Strange Films CENTER CITY series, titled The Driverreleases today that sets up the final events to their five-short film arc. 

Back in 2017 Strange Films released their second film that has since gained a cult following in Philadelphia, PA. CENTER CITYwhich is a crime-drama film depicting a series of bizarre events about murder, love, and cheese steaks, was so enjoyable the film production team decided to move forward with a series of films to continue what they started.

In 2018 the team released their first spin-off that is set a few days after the events of the original film titled, Butchwhich follows the fan-favorite character as he parties the night away. Later on, The Woman was released which served as a prequel to the original film and sets up the overall story arc behind the events that took place.

Now the team is releasing The Driverwhich is in fact a new character that is being introduced. The story is set two weeks after the events of the original film, and introduces a new story arc while setting up the final events for the finale: CENTER CITY 2

driver poster

Watch the film below, and if you’d like to catch up with the series we provided those sub links for you as well in this article. Or you can simply search for “CENTER CITY” on YouTube!

The Driver

Synopsis: Set two weeks after the events of CENTER CITY, The Queen enilsts in a new Driver to aid The Woman as they begin preparations for the final hits in the city.

Starring: Juan Sanchez, Paul Magilton, Joe Green, Erika Stephanie, Jenny Moon, Rick Lindenmuth, Yasiris Avarado, and Marvelous Melo

Written and Produced by: Frank Aguilar

Directed by: August Aguilar

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