El Burrito Blog Magazine

We’re adding a brand new feature to our publishing company, which is a physical format available for Creators and Businesses alike. Introducing: El Burrito Blog Magazine

In 2016, El Burrito Blog began as a simple and personal writing platform, and used as an escape to think creatively. Over the course of the year and into 2017, it grew to be a connection and voice for others who were actively pursuing their own creative venture in the world. By 2018, we had a handful of dedicated writers contributing content, had collaborated and worked with dozens of musicians, filmmakers, artists, and more around the United States and out of the country, and finally established a brand that is known for its publishing.

Moving forward in 2019, we try to remain loyal to these accomplishments and continue the endeavors by working with as many people as we can, but we’ve also been busy trying to think of new and innovative ways to reach new audiences. Our first major endeavor this year is our brand new line of physical magazines that will feature content from just about everything, aiming to be a more memorable approach of how creatives stay connected.

We hope in 2019 we find a successful route to take with this new line, and it is also an invitation for new collaborators along with businesses to have their company or products advertised in our book. Currently we are distributing in regions that collaborators featured in each issue, along with setting up at events and concerts that we are able to make it at.

If you are interested in being featured for an issue, or would like to speak about advertisement or collaboration possibilities, please send us an email to elburritoblog@gmail.com or go to our “Submit” page to send us a message. Issue number two is already almost printed and published!

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El Burrito Blog

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