“Run” Short Film by Ricardo Segarra

This no budget short film shines light on the action genre with a lead actor with a strong skillset. 

Based out in New Jersey, indie filmmaker Ricardo Segarra embraces the challenge of making a zero budget action film; complete with its own stunts, fight choreography, and plot — did we mention he wrote, directed, AND starred in it as well?

“I always wanted to show people that you can make films with very little resources. And that we can also make films anywhere. I’m located in New Jersey so it’s not a very film centric place.” – Ricardo

To say the least, Ricardo is right. We’ve worked with many filmmakers with the same state of mind, including ourselves. As independent creatives, it is our responsibility to put our art out there for all to see, even if we don’t have a multi-million dollar budget and crew.

For this particular film, the plot centers around a young woman named Eden and a man protecting her named Carlos, who both seem to be on the run from a government or secret op force. Though the plot proceeds to start with a lot of dialogue and scene building, the real fun begins when the action sequences start, with Ricardo full in force. We were quite impressed with the fight scene and how clean and professional it looked on screen. An initial first viewing will show that he is not afraid to get down and dirty on set to really bring the story to life.


“As an actor, we get tons of “no’s” so I want to make films on the side to showcase my abilities and the abilities of others I work with.”

We truly hope to see Ricardo do much more action work because it seems very fitting for his personality and creative direction. Take a moment to watch the film below and check out a story that we hope to see more of in the near future.

You can follow Ricardo on Twitter and show your support!

Twitter: @RicardoESegarra


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