Mass Driver “Struts and Cuts” Vinyl Kickstarter *FUNDED*

Super Action Rock n’ Rollers Mass Driver has launched a Kickstarter campaign to release a Vinyl Pressing of their upcoming album, Struts and Cuts!

If you’re a fan of fuzzed out riffs, blast beats, and dynamic vocals about fighting robots, Star Warsand having a good time, then Mass Driver is the next music project you should consider checking out.

The Knoxville, TN, based band has spent the past year and a half writing, recording, and branding themselves through local, regional, and national markets, and now the time has finally come for the trio to release their brand new album, Struts and CutsA nine-track song filled with head banging tracks and catchy hooks. Around Knoxville, the band has made quite a name for themselves through their shows by almost bringing down the house with their heavy powered amps and occasionally rocking a Tiger Head on the drums.


With the new album on the horizon this summer, the band hopes to take it an extra step further by releasing it on Vinyl Pressing; something everyone seems to collect these days. To do so of course, takes a lot of resources. Therefore, a new Kickstarter campaign has launched in hopes to make this dream come to a reality.

The band is offering lots of fun rewards and of course a ton of music for backers who pledge. By supporting this project, you’ll not only find yourself in awe by the fun music and artwork, but you’ll be supporting local music and creators, which is pretty damn awesome.

So check out the campaign and video below, check out some of their live performances as well as music videos we’ve produced, give it a share, and thanks for reading.

As we like to say with the band,


Recently, we worked with the band to do an entire concert video, where you can find a lot of the tracks from the new album on.

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