“Alpha Decay” by Covalence

The young grunge rock band Covalence officially released their CD Alpha Decay, featuring five songs of adrenaline, emotion, angst, and classic head banging action. 

In case you missed our coverage of Covalence, this is a four-piece dynamic alternative rock band that regularly explores the melodies and rhythms of the grunge and metal genres. To capture that sound is one thing, to believe and perform it, is another.

It’s been awhile since the last time we worked with Covalence for their music video for “Burn” last year, and through that period of time the young group of guys has been extremely hard at work finishing their first major release: Alpha Decay


With endless hours of writing and recording, playing frequent shows, organizing events, a lineup change in the band, and promoting their work, the payoff is finally here with this new EP, and it’s pretty impressive to think that on top of all these endeavors they were challenged with a high school and college schedule and personal day to day matters.

Credit: Byrds Eye Photography

Breaking down the EP, “Burn” kicks things off and it’s a perfect beginning. The slow “burn” of an emotional cage that every member holds themselves in fits the tone of the album entirely; it’s also a really fun jam to rock on to with some slick riffs and vocals. “Close My Eyes” is something of an ascending journey, as it takes you up and drives you home with an impact, but then slowly brings you back down through a series of wondrous sounds all around. “Bring This Down“, perhaps our favorite, is a really fun track that just feels like the right kick of action in the middle of the album. It’s a really interesting range of vocals for Carter Manson, the singer, and paints a pretty vivid picture through his lyrics and how the instruments play along throughout. “March On“, however, is indeed one that stands out from the rest. With an intro of a marching drumline and then straight into the band’s formula; the difference is that this song is a direct middle finger to any hate and bigotry that stands over the younger generation. This song is a stand against those unnecessary evils in the world, and claims “You will hear our voices. We’ll be heard”. Finally, “Into The Light” is the closer and leaves you with an energetic sound of sorting yourself through the darkness of everything around you. The band really comes together for this one and shows the band can do just a bit of everything as a unit.

Some notable mentions with the production of this album, Brack Owens of Ridgetone Recording Studios (who has produced many local Knoxville bands including our good friends, Mass Driver), recorded and worked with the young group of guys to build such a prestigious and quality sound throughout each track.

The band itself, Carter Manson (Vocals/Guitar) who balanced high school, performing, and managing the band, Tad Long (Rhythm Guitar) who plays in multiple side projects, Richard Hodges (Co-Vocals, Drums, Percussion) who is very active in the Knoxville music scene and his talents are well heard on this album, and finally the newcomer Gabe Carrasco (Bass), who has joined since February 2019, but is very excited to be a part of the bands journey as they set forward to their next musical venture.

Credit: Merrie Long

The band recently had their CD release show which had a really big and fun turnout. Take the time to get to know the band through our various coverage of them, their music video and interview, and of course by checking out their Facebook page as well as their music, which is available in physical format and all digital retailers.

Covalence Facebook


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