Kickstarter: Reaper Rules #1 *FUNDED*

28-pages of Bloody Artwork in Ep. 1 of the flagship comic, Reaper Rules. It’s Aliens, it’s Action, it’s no holds-barred Contract Killing!

For the independent creatives, we try our best to help spread the word of projects, especially about the ones we love! For indie comic creator Josue F. Kure, this has been a project that’s been over two years in the making.

Reaper Rules #1 started with a conversation between Josue F. Kure and Tim Gomez at work in his cubicle. As Tim wrote Reaper Rules #1, Josue scowered the internet for bright Artists. Denis Pacher was found in Facebook group and there the project really took life. After 7 grueling months they were able to get Reaper Rules #1 fully completed and edited with no crowdfunding. However, now is the time to take action for a little help with printing, with some sweet rewards and fun ideas along the way.



Reaper Rules #1 is a story about a CIA agent John that trains two young Morsch Aliens from planet Sampf, Rion and Caleb, to be Contract Killer Ninjas and struggles to make them follow the Reaper Rules. Lieutenant Lyon is a member of the underground crime syndicate known as “Desti-Nation-X” and he will stop at nothing to remain King of Hell Alley.


The creators are offering lots of cool rewards such as stickers, t-shirts, exclusive variant cover prints and posters, thank you pages, and more!

If you’re a fan of bloody, violent, no holds barred indie comics with a great story then you should back Reaper Rules and pledge today! Join the Bloody Mess!

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