Meet Mirrored Image

In the midst of a modern alternative rock trend that continues to grow more comfortable and entertaining, arises a new wave band that incorporates heavy synths alongside a rocking performance: Mirrored Image.

Beginning all the way back in 2013 with a simple cover/jam band, the idea was first rooted and then eventually grew to be something much bigger than anyone could imagine. The focus on songwriting, composing and arranging music, and recording all took to motion to form the name, Mirrored Image.


Hailing from Kentucky, the current lineup consists of Dylan Belcher (Guitar/Vocals), Mark Chaney (Guitar/Vocals/Synth), Elijah Purvis (Bass/Vocals), Evan Compton (Guitar/Vocals/Percussion/Drums), and Jake Ratliff (Drums/Percussion/Synth/Programming), who are all talented and determined enough to hold the DIY standard high – with home recording and mixing assisted by Mark’s older brother, John Chaney (who also mixed and recorded Silence In The Stars EP, Believe).

The quality of the music recorded shy’s no further away than what an actual recorded studio album would sound like. Prestigious and bold, the music is well balanced with every instrument, vocal track, and pacing of each song. On April 7th, 2017, the band debuted their first album, The Pursuit of Happiness, which has a very distinct grunge/garage rock sound to it (we personally love the track “Again” from the album). Afterwards, the band immediately took to writing, recording, and developing a brand new style, which is now what the current state of the band is by releasing their sophomore album, Prisoneron May 18th, 2019.


With a giant tonal and style shift from their previous album, Prisoner features moments that still incorporate their grungy-rock roots of the band, but adds new ideas with keyboard synths, auto-tuned vocals, and precise writing for the theme of unhappiness in adulthood and the hopelessness that comes with “growing up”.

Here’s one of our favorites from the record, “Klingon War Dance“:

As like many other bands, Mirrored Image continues to grow through experience and their songwriting matures along the way. In general, the overall tone, energy, and fun, each track that we’ve listened to through both albums has been something that stands out much further than a lot of local scenes that tries to make its way. The founding members Dylan and Mark both really bring all of the external components together to perfectly craft the dynamics within the band. With the help of John Chaney, performing at shows, and standing out on their eye-catching social media pages, we think Mirrored Image is on the right track to be one of the best sounding alternative-rock bands out there.


You can find all Mirrored Image content on their respective social media links and websites, and don’t forget to stream/download/buy The Pursuit of Happiness and their latest, Prisonerin physical format or on all digital retailers.

Mirrored Image Instagram

Mirrored Image Facebook

Mirrored Image Bandcamp


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