Knox Rocks: Travis Bigwood & The Lonesome Doves

Travis Bigwood is a Knoxville based artist who expresses his experiences of growing up in East Tennessee and being aware of not only his roots, but where he stands today. 

As an up and coming artist, he has been building his local and social media presence with his groovy, yet folk-rock influences. We’re here to share why Knox Rocks, with Travis Bigwood and The Lonesome Doves.

Paw’s Place/Bad Conditions, the current two track EP, is available on Spotify and Apple Music. The EP cover portrays a worn out house seemingly in the boonies.  This immediately paints a picture of the countryside in East Tennessee.  With the spacey folk-like console steel guitar work and female backup vocals, “Paw’s Place” transports us to Bigwood’s father’s house and his experiences spent at this place. This is an incredibly pleasant song with a sense of reflection and nostalgia being evoked.

On the other side, “Bad Conditions” is a touching song regarding dreaming big.  Within this song has a touch of early rock and roll influence ranging from doo-wop, twangy reverb guitars and plenty of country/rock touches.  Yet it’s clear that the lyrical approach is coming from a youthful dreamer.  A yearning to live bold and free while the future is still ahead.

Travis Bigwood and The Lonesome Doves have a clear cut story and perspective they want to convey through these songs.  As local home grown musicians, it’s wonderful to know that their potential to reach even further audiences than the southeast region is bound to happen in time with enough hard work from them. We recommend supporting your local artist by following them on their various social media platforms and by checking out their music on streaming services. We look forward to see what else the band comes up with.

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