“Pastel Colors” by Women of The Night

Women Of The Night are a New York rock and roll gang, playing songs that follow the pace of the street and the desperate voices of the unconsciousness mind. 

The gang is made up of Jordan D’Arsie (guitar/vocals), Kyubae Lee (drums) and Grey Watson (bass).  Their brand new release of Pastel Colors found a home with Manic Records.  A concept EP split into 2 complimentary sides reflecting the duality of D’Arsie’ songwriting.  Hot and cold, light and dark and all alleys in between.  A collection of everyday distillations, flicking between the conscious and the unconscious, something of a split personality.  Voyeurism for the soul.  

After about 8 months in passing, Women Of The Night are back with a bigger sound than ever before with a full length album. Within this album includes the two EP’s we reviewed back in November.  

The album kicks off with a true banger “I Am Well And Missing You”.  This is a more raw and aggressive sound than previously heard by the band.  As they claim to reflect light and dark, here we start off in the dark.  A gritty guitar and bass riff, raw vocals and the occasional jangly guitar and captivating synth.  We are immediately invited into the distinct New York alleys specifically evoked by Women Of The Night.  Next is “Pastel Colors”, where we slow things down a bit.  Still a gritty sound but things are spaced out a bit with ethereal back up vocals and D’Arsle’s longing vocals.  “White Lighter” kicks off with a special bass groove by Watson and a lovely synth.  Here we must be entering the light.  The synth evokes a sense of longing and vulnerability.  It progressively gets more passionate as the song builds up into a raw conclusion.  

Moscow Mansions” is one I recall previously from their EP’s released back in November.  A gritty longing is evoked, especially when the blissful synth kicks in about halfway.  The song seems darker in context of this album.  The darkness seems darker in contrast to the hint of light offered in previous songs.  “Leather Glove” is also a familiar song from the EP.  It’s probably the darkest song of the bunch and reminds me heavily of a song Lou Reed would write with the energy and vibes of earlier Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.  “Brighton Beach” offers a sense of vulnerability again as we are taken to an ethereal synth with D’Arsie’s Lou Reed-esque vocals.  

Be Careful What You Wish For” also takes us back to the EP.  I really love this one for its mellow and dreamy vibes.  I really enjoy the sense of buildup in this song as more texture is added.  It’s a fantastic rocker and overall sonic experience as more layers synth are added.  “I Couldn’t Fool Them” is a slow paced bluesy rocker.  I really enjoy the groovy synth in this song along with the laid back rocker vibe.  “Quiet Nights” is a beautiful piece of longing to escape.  While the lyrics are sad and bitter at first, it slowly falls into a somber escape as “it’s all so quiet” is repeated.  The lyrical work really stands out on this song.  The soundscape is incredibly dreamy.

Regular Day” continues with the nihilistic, yet dreamy vibes.  This one has a nice spacey vibe along with some memorable lyrics that evokes a sense of monotony.  “Used Car Salesman” kind of has a ghostly sound, evoking a past that’s undeniably long gone.  “Bad Tee Vee”, I really like this title and how it starts off like a “tee vee” without signal.  This one leads back down to the darkness with a gritty sound and raw vocals.  “Like People Whistling” concludes the album on a heartbreaking note.  Really love the guitar work in this one.  

Women Of The Night further prove they know what they’re doing with a distinctively gritty New York sound.  Sometimes dark and gritty, vulnerable and dreamy at others, often nihilistic, yet not without a sense of passion.  This is a band that is worth your attention and time. Check out their work on various social media platforms and streaming services!


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