Meet Silver

Your new favorite rock n roll past time begins in Reno, NV. Meet Silver, a blend of classic and modern rock n’ roll.

Silver, which consists of Greg Gilmore (vocals, guitar), Jeff Knight (drums), Brendon Lund (bass), Adam Landis (keys) and John Kisor (lead guitar), is a Reno, NV, rock and roll band that wears its influence on its sleeve to fit into a timeless style.  Their new EP, Talk Tomorrow About Last Night will officially be released on October 25th.

It is also worth noting that Joe Johnston, the engineer for the band CAKE, took notice of this band and produced this EP.

Live Again” kicks off this EP with a fun rocker in the vein of The Allman Brothers.  This one is plenty of fun and starts of the EP off in a groovy manner with a catchy organ.  It sounds like everybody is having a good time here.  “Good Enough” is what I imagine would be the big hit off this EP.  A very catchy, touching song which fully showcases every member of the band working together in fully harmony.  A beautiful song about striving to be better.  This song is very fun, upbeat and endlessly catchy.  Also a special shout out to Gilmore for the excellent guitar work on this song.

Wait” is a blues based guitar ditty with an uplifting, feel good vibe to it. Very quick and straight to the punch, but powerful work by Gilmore’s guitar and Lund’s bass really stand out on this one.  “Go Home” reminds us of a classic rock tune straight from the radio or from your favorite movie’s soundtrack.  This is a great one to jam out to and perfectly showcases their feel good spirit.  “The Chase”. again, features every member of the band in full harmony with each other.  The backup vocals in the refrain gives this song a nice soothing touch.  An overall very emotionally raw and catchy song.  

Within this EP, Silver is a welcomed reminiscent of the past as well adapting to a modern good natured approach that will hopefully go on to inspire future rock and roll musicians to come. 

You can find Talk Tomorrow About Last Night on CD, Vinyl, and all Digital Platforms on October 25th, in the mean time stream “Good Enough” here:

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