Angelo Rose: “Glisten” Review

A storyteller, a passionate soul, and giving back to those in need. Check out Angelo Rose, and his brand new album Glisten.

Angelo Rose, from Rochester NY, released his new album Glisten on August 30th.  With great interest in the human experience, Glisten features Rose at full on storytelling mode as he explores in depth experiences and feelings that we can all understand.  Seeing that Rose not only wrote and sang on every song within the album, but also plays every instrument. It’s clear this is a passionate project to him.  

It is important to note that 100% of the proceed with any purchase or streaming of Glisten, is donated St. Damien Pediatric Hospital, which we think is very admirable.

The album kicks off with “A Little Too Long”, which instantly invites the listener to a vulnerable and melodic acoustic ditty.  The pleasant guitar work particularly gives this song a nice soothing touch.  The lyrics are very tender and honest.  A beautiful way to start the album.  Next is the big hit off the album “There’s A Hole” (which also a music video).  This is an even more tender and heartfelt song that comes from a very personable place.  Rose has clearly been in a soul searching phase during the recording of this album. 

Love This Town” is a wonderful tribute to the big city.  I found this one to be a blast; as it’s the kind of song I can easily imagine listening to while driving down a busy street in a big city.  I also am particularly fond of the line “my boss is a tool, he lives downstairs; drinks margaritas, his wife gets hot with Mr. Lucky”.  “Hammer Named Kindness” captures an honest and reflective soul with an uplifting passion behind it.  Again, the guitar work is absolutely beautiful on this song and makes for a wonderful sonic experience.  Love the instrumentation on this one.  “Mighty Algonquin” is also a beautiful song with a nice touch of back up vocals on the refrain.  I can’t help but feel that the stellar guitar work stands out on all of these songs but a special mention must also go to the bass work, which is subtle but gives the song plenty of character and emotion.   Truly a beautiful song.  

Temple Of The Sea” features Rose at the height of his storytelling mode.  A special mention must go to the vocal performance of this song.  Rose clearly put plenty of passion into this one.  Especially in the final minute, especially in the delivery of “ride on”.  “Idyllwild” is also a passionately made song and sees Rose in storytelling mode. Idyllwild seems like a beautiful place (as a Tennessee native who has never been to this part of CA, I wonder if this is where the ”There’s A Hole” music video was recorded.  “Graduation Day” is a pleasant song which features a beautiful breezy guitar solo.  “How Low” gets a little moodier and more contemplative, also still a very mellow song.  Really enjoy this one.

Polyanna” is the final song (of new material, that is) and concludes the album on a nice country-folk note.   I really enjoy this one, a nice uplifting, relaxing song that kind of reminds me of a ballad The Rolling Stones would’ve done.  The album officially concludes with another take on “Love This Town” but this time a clean version for the kids to enjoy.  I really like that he included this one again!  It just sounds like Rose is having a good time singing about the personality and grit of a big city.  

With Glisten, Angelo Rose has delivered a passionate album that clearly comes from the purest depths of his soul.  Rose pours himself into the album and successfully proves himself as a man with a musical vision and a story to tell.  

Donate to St. Damien Pediatric Hospital by purchasing or streaming the album here:

For more insights about Angelo Rose, you can hear him tell his story on Rochester Storytellers Project:

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