Voss: Lost and Crowned (Review)

The rappers’ sophomore album speaks higher volumes on a personal level, and that is why it succeeds. Voss presents: Lost and Crowned.

The rappers’ sophomore album speaks higher volumes on a personal level, and that is why it succeeds. Voss presents: Lost and Crowned.

Written by August Aguilar, Follow me on Twitter (@filmburrito)

Recently I caught up with Voss, learning more about his now released album, Lost and Crowned, which is streaming on all major platforms. Getting the chance to finally listening to it, the only thing I am disappointed is that I didn’t get to hear it much sooner.

Voss resides in Philadelphia, PA, the city of underdogs (Fly Eagles Fly!) and where most find out the hard way how to succeed. As most entertainers try to push their work to a specific audience, Voss will now be the one who stands out by dedicating his music to one: himself.


Lost and Crowned is more than a great hip-hop album; it is a stepping stone in life for the artist who has been in the game for some time now. It was a chance to branch out and try something different, blending old and new styles, being honest with himself and pouring his heart and soul into each lyric and beat. A proving ground to show Philadelphia and the rest of the world that he is here, stronger than ever, to create an art that is memorable and unique.

From the start of the album, “Lost Intro” will have you engaged with one simple and powerful line: “In order for one to find themselves, one must admit they are lost. You know we are all lost right?” What a great line. The moment Voss begins afterwards is the moment you’ll feel the energy and know you have something special on your hands.

Voss debuted two singles before the release, “Dare” and “Let It Fade“, which both stand out in the album by providing great hooks and quick head bopping beats for anyone to enjoy. However, the 12 track album has so much more to offer than these. For example, “By Design” featuring artist Milton, is smooth and cool; between Milton’s catchy chorus and background support, Voss charisma steps in elegantly to break it down honestly for you. I also found that “The Difference” featuring Khrista White was both beautiful and inspiring; a track that reminded me a lot of the likes of NasKendrick Lamar, or even Eminem from the Recovery album. I truly appreciated the way he gears his thought process into smooth lyrics that not only sounds great, but tells a story.


Photo Credit: Morgan Smith @phobymo on Instagram

One thing I would like to mention is that all of the supporting artists on the record including the ones listed above as well as Mason, Terrance Stone, Major Van Winkle, and Mel Alston Jr., are all fitted perfectly into the album. Each of them standing tall on their own parts while accompanying Voss and his endeavors with each track. Being a Philadelphia native with Philadelphia friends makes it much more special as well.

Finally, props to the producer of the album who obviously knows exactly what they are doing. No track feels forced, and every sound is stellar. The beats flow perfectly, none overwhelming and none that are forgettable. Even the subtle noises in the backgrounds of the tracks whether it be a snare drum, clap, or even electric guitar, it is all evenly distributed from start to finish.


Voss, you should be proud of yourself. Lost and Crowned is a reflection of yourself and your true art spirit that you can give to the world. You are not conceded, you are grateful to make music. You do not aim to put out noise, you aim to put out something special. You are not LOST, you are CROWNED. I know in good time you are going to be right where you want to be with Philadelphia behind you every step of the way. Until then, I’ll be jamming these tracks in my car.

You can find Lost and Crowned on all major streaming platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Soundcloud, and more.


To see the interview we made with Voss, you can watch below:


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