Doc Isaac: Attract Mode

The official soundtrack to your favorite Mega Man game. 

If you’re any sort of nerd like the most of us, you were a very happy kid growing up with your favorite Nintendo console or handheld device that you still play to this day. Let’s be honest too, the pure nostalgia of the sound of a Gameboy turning on is pure joy.

For whatever it is you play or have played, you are a fan and you tend to get excited when these things come back around in today’s mess of consoles and technology. Have no fear, for Doc Isaac is here.

Doc Isaac is a hip-hop artist, one not traditional with most these days by rhyming and singing along retro tunes and sound effects from various video games and collections. Though he has had a few minor releases before, he has recently put out his brand new EP: Attract Mode now available on Bandcamp.

Doc Isaac - Attract Mode - back-small

Set aside the wonderful art (created by Autumn Haynes), this five-track EP stands strong and proud bringing you tunes that are both pleasant and nostalgic.

Doc Isaac not only mashes catchy beats and retro artifacts together, he meticulously breaks down these songs with references, stories, and all around catchy phrases that really has you wondering how can such a genre exist. My personal favorite off the EP is “Casual Day” which has classic 80’s themes all within it and gracefully flows along with Isaac’s way about explaining his casual day. Other notable mentions are “Attract Mode” and “Poor Little You” that calls out the trolls on the internet.

With one listen of Attract Mode, you will find it at the very least interesting enough to talk about it with your friends. You’ll enjoy the beats and sound effects alone, but mixing in Isaac’s wonderful way of words and how he manages to carry his voice up and and down is something quite talented. This is definitely something that every arcade should have stocked in their library to play in the background.

If you’re gracious enough to support this underground artist, you can purchase this EP over on his Bandcamp page below. If you also want to check out some of his performance live, we covered him last year at the Brawl At The Birdhouse event.

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