Soundtracks: Transformers (The Movie)

Relive your childhood nostalgia with Autobots rolling out to the most rock n roll soundtrack!

Written by Rodney Sheehan, of Super Action Rock Band, Mass Driver

Growing up, I loved the Transformers. I had Transformers bed sheets…Transformers snow boots..Transformers lunch boxes…Transformers T-shirts…comics..and of course…the toys.

My friends knew how much I loved them too. When our class photos were being taken a friend of mine said….”Say Metroplex” (instead of cheese) while my picture was being taken.   I would even have gigantic battles where all of my other toys would try to gang up against the Transformers. Now I’m not saying that it wasn’t close. But my good pals the Autobots and Decepticons were always able to pull off a win in the end. So yea…..I loved those crazy robots!

So when my nine year old eyes saw the commercial for Transformers The Movie my head damn near exploded!!!

I still remember hearing that opening tag line for the first time, “Hold on tight, the ultimate Rock and Roll adventure is here!!” Fuck yea it is!!!! (I would love to have that play whenever I enter a room.)

The animation was better…the action was ramped up, rock and roll was playing in the background and Grimlock was flying through the air ready to kick some ass. It’s been 32 years since I first saw the movie and I still get chills watching the trailer.

Now I’m not going to bore you with a breakdown of the movie. It’s been done and you’re better off just watching it yourself. However I will say that I did see it twice in the theater. And both times kids were crying. To watch a bunch of your favorite robots get slaughter mercilessly I guess could be a bit much. But it was the 80’s and our cartoons didn’t fuck around.

Now onto the soundtrack.

The soundtrack perfectly fits this movie perfectly. Just watch how we’re introduced to the “Lion” rock version of the theme song.

The movie opens with a robot genocide at the hands of a giant killer planet. And then it blasts into this killer version of the theme song. I mean how freaking awesome is that!  This was a good indication that this was not going to be the same Transformers that I’ve been watching as soon as I got home from school.

Stan Bush had two songs on the soundtrack. The first was “Dare” which was heard as Hot Rod (whom I still blame for Primes death) and Daniel see the ship full of Decepticons fly into Autobot city.

On a side note the band Cybertronic Spree did a cover of the song for the movies 30th anniversary and it is one of my very favorite things on the internet

I can’t think of anything better than a Weird Al song to be playing while we’re introduced to the Junkions. It’s probably the weirdest part of the movie but it provides some much needed comic relief. We just met  the terrifying Quintessons and their executioners the Sharkticons. We also just  watched as the Autobots new number 1, Ultra Magnus, curses and is ripped to shreds by the Decepticons.

And now the most famous song to come off of the Transformers soundtrack, “You Got The Touch“. Another kickass song by Stan Bush. The song has popped up in a bunch of other places. But probably the weirdest is when Marky Mark is doing a terrible coked out version of it in Boogie Nights.

John C. Reilly dancing in the control room makes me laugh every time I watch this scene.

The first time we hear the song in the movie is during Primes epic entrance into Autobot city and his battle with Megatron……stupid Hot Rod.

And at the end when Hot Rod becomes Rodimus Prime and saves the day….he still sucks though.

If you saw the movie as a kid then give it and the soundtrack another spin, it’s well worth your time to take that trip down memory lane.  If you’re too young to have been traumatized by the movie when it was released, then I recommend checking it out. It’s a fantastic story with hand drawn animation that crushes any of the live action stuff.



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