Philadelphia Film Society: CENTER CITY

Speaking with Director August Aguilar about his film CENTER CITYhow he got into filmmaking, and what the future holds for the series. 

It’s a busy time for Strange Films and Director August Aguilar. The filmmaker just finished releasing Cindy’s Birthday Party and My Good Neighbor, and is currently prepping to shoot the next spin-off of CENTER CITY, focusing on THE WOMAN.

THE WOMAN promo3

This month, CENTER CITY is being featured on the independent film site CinemaSlice, (read the review here) as well as being screened in the heart of Philadelphia by the Philadelphia Film Society as part of their Philly Film Showcase on June 14th.

Along with the screening, the Philadelphia Film Society reached out to the filmmaker to conduct a full interview about the film itself, how the filmmaker got started, what it’s like working with his father Frank Aguilar, and what the future has in store. Read the full interview below and be sure to check out CENTER CITY along with its spin-off, BUTCH!

Showcase Filmmaker Spotlight:


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